You need real_ true followers. So_ yes_ it’s going to take time

Everyone is looking to get more followers of Instagram faster. Instagram has been a very strong site. It will help you create a brand, make profits, win sponsorships, and even get paid to write.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that everyone is looking for a quick fix to win followers. And how can you get an involved and honest follow-up quicker, exactly? As someone who specializes in social media strategy, I ‘m going through every step you need to know to develop an audience that actually converts.

Everyone wants a “quick fix” on Instagram. Most of the time, though, this fast approach results in a waste of time and energy.

Instead, you need to focus on finding the right followers to follow. Those are fans who will invest in your name, who will be invested in your story and who will be active with your niche. These people are going to build up your business, increase your reputation, and give you a profit. This means that they are:

Real / Authentic- buy likes from

Niche-Special-Health? Beauty, huh? Lifestyle, huh? Find a community that suits your preferences and reflect on them.

Engaged in your brand-Real people are interested in what you’re doing.

You should afford whatever you’re offering (whether it’s a concept or a product).

Quality followers with these characteristics have made it possible for me to win sponsorships, meet incredible individuals, and gain confidence in my social media game. They ‘re real, targeted followers.


We ‘re all aware that you can buy followers and get a commitment. Let me make it clear:

They ‘re the wrong fans. They ‘re not going to do anything for you.

They ‘re not going to help your brand, your image or your purpose.

You need real, true followers. So, yes, it’s going to take time; but with a few of the strategies I’m mentioning below, you can never (and in the right way) boost your follow-up.

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The number one thing you need to do is build an attractive feed. This means having enough ‘commit worthy’ photos that people will find appealing and want to go back to.

Developing an attractive feed has a few specific characteristics that you really need to follow if you want to succeed. These shall include

A niche: Each Instagram account should be a niche-specific account.

Image of price profile

High quality images: no grainy, dark photos. Price. Quality only.

Subject: Pictures of nothing are going to perform poorly

Consistency: (when something works, it keeps going)

Value: What can you give to your audience?

Don’t just post in order to post! Quality is all there is.

My own Instagram account is outdoor-related, and my profile photo is of me holding a massive fish. Why? Why? Because the people I’m targeting will be drawn to this photo, interested in what I’m catching, and possibly looking for tips or reports. It shows them what I’m doing, so it makes sure they ‘re involved in it.

My profile below is a niche-specific profile. My photos are of me and the animals. I hold myself and the fish as a topic because Instagram respects people like this. It then indicates Instagram’s photo recognition to show these photos to more people. This also results in a higher level of commitment and therefore more followers.

You will learn more about my plan for sharing social media here.

If you’ve got the time, this will help speed up the process. Engaging and interacting with someone else’s followers (who are in your niche) is a great way to gain Instagram followers for yourself.

Here’s the first thing you need to do:

Find an influencer with a broad number of 1,000-20,000 + followers in your niche.

Meaning if you’re doing “fitness” make sure they ‘re all about fitness and nothing else.

Make sure that they are genuine

Target the posts of their followers and/or follow their followers

Vote and like those blogs, and like their feedback on other blogs

I don’t believe in the method of follow / unfollow. It’s a fast way to win enemies in your niche. Interact with them, instead.

If I have time, I will often like and comment on their pictures, culminating in them receiving updates, checking out my page, and following me. I would also like the comments of the influencers. It’s simple and it’s going to result in true followers.

Doing this is going to help you:

Gain an authentic follow-up

Meet and interact with so many awesome people-you’re going to make friends

Seek quality followers at a moderate pace who will love to connect with you.

Know, you need to identify your perfect audience through hashtags and tailored profiles, and you need to suit them all. Big. Big. It’s day. Social media is about being social, so interact!