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We know that devotion is the key to success. But sometimes we need the right kind of technology to get the best result for our efforts. People who are in the business world know about the importance of check writing. A paper Check was invented in 1681. However, after many years in 1762, printing checks initiated to make things easier.

But now the time has come to replace the things with technology. In the 21st century, professions need high-level solutions for payment settlement. Many small, large, and medium-sized companies struggle to save the funds as a Check transaction fee. So, in this crisis, the “Online check writer” is here to help you.

What is an online check writer?

An online check writer is a software solution with a connection of 1800+ US and international monetary institutes. However, these fantastic services’ main aim is to ensure excellent customer services by saving money. Above all, this simple, secure, and innovative solution converts paper Checks into digital form. In short, the everyday growing platform is working tirelessly to empower businesses and individuals.  

Basic info about online check writer

Platform nameOnline check writer
NicheCheck printing software (e-check)
CEOSabeer Nelli
Core developer of software/CTOSageer Nelliparamban
Core servicesEmail checks, outsource checks, prevent forged checks automatically, and print checks online
Have integration withMore than 1800 financial institutes
Current statusFastest growing private company in the USA

Who presented the innovative idea of an online check writer?

“Hard work + dreams + dedication = success”

After reading the above info and specs, one thing has cleared that it is an odd move. However, the mastermind behind this great idea is none other than “Sageer Nelliparamban.” He is the person who solved the 30 years old problem with his creative mind. Sageer is a talented developer who has two masters’ degrees. However, both of the degrees are from Melbourne University with a specialty in IT. Along with this, he has achieved many other milestones. For instance, Sageer Nelli is the executive of the company’s matters. However, the list of feats is quite long, so these pointers are elaborating the attainments;

  • He is the core developer of the online check writer software that can easily convert the paper checks into digital mode.
  • Sageer handles the R&D of the online check writer to fill up the research gap. However, the primary purpose of all of the research is to meet the demands of evolving technology.
  • Apart from this, Sageer handles the security, maintenance, and network of the company. In short, he is the mastermind to implement the technological strategy.

Apart from these glimpses, he is continually working to make the businesses’ better.

How creative minds pay off?

“Work until the ideas convert into reality.”

We know that great minds learn from their practices. So, the same as in the case of Sageer Nelliparamban. He always wanted to do something extraordinary with his sharp mind. However, then he found that profits are shrinking due to extra charges as fund transfer. So, to overcome this problem, he developed software for businesses to organize the transaction. Along with designing the software, Sageer looks after the policies and procedures of this venture. 

However, it is the place from where he took the start of this money movement platform. So, he wanted that the world should take advantage of this great invention. However, until now, the total registrations of OCW are around 121,795, with 3,251 all-time subscriptions. So, the OCW is working with this vision to change the old check writing landscape.

Points that help to stand out this check printing software from others

Hard work always pays off, and the same happened with the “Sageer Nelliparamban.” Now OCW is a venture that is serving more than 100 thousand satisfied clients. However, the main thing that separates the OCW from others is excellent service. But apart from this, there are following other things;

  • Dedicated, trained, and qualified staff
  • The everyday growing network is the surety of excellent service.
  • Software working with cutting edge technology
  • Compatible with mac and android, which makes it easy for small business owners
  • Above all, it saves time and money by sending checks instantly.
  • Give you the chance to design the checks with your logos and aesthetics.

Above all, you can connect this software with your bank and get instant notifications about doubtful deals. In the end, we can say it is a mixture of hard work and talent to create this type of business solution.