Stefano Cicchini- An Italian influencer that gain popularity in Automotive industry

There are various methods that influencers can be partnered for promoting products or services, and the approach usually will depend on the market and the demographics of the targeted audiences. As you can find in automotive industry, there are various techniques of influencer marketing which can generate fantastic results. For the reason that, buying decisions in car industry will depend on so many aspects, from a good reputation for safety to the design of the product luxury.

When finding a highly respected influencer in the automotive industry, you will find the right professionals that come up. In this article, I would like to focus on a highly recognized automotive influencer that has thousands loyal followers.

His name is Stefano Cicchini, whose Instagram account is @stefano_cicchini, actually he is not a car specialist, though he is really enthusiastic about automotive industry as he has over hundred thousandsinstagram followers. Stefano Cicchini enjoys sharing new and wonderful cars to his loyal followers and has collaborated with several leading brands throughout the years. His Instagram account reveals the power of an automotive influencer, just a single post from him when having partnership with Toyota, Copenhagen and it shows a serious interest from his followers. Stefano Cicchini’s method of delivering car information into language that most locals can understand has made him one of the best automotive influencers in Europe.


One of the most effective ways to promote new launched vehicles to the right audiences is to partner with someone whose reputation matches the brand instead of a specialist in the industry. For this reason Toyota collaborated with Stefano Cicchini, a travel influencer and food blogger, to promote their new launched car in a Copenhagen photo shoot. His base of followers who enjoy his posts for Frederik’s Church felt equally excited about his style in a luxurious Toyota Aygo.

When it depends upon influencer feeds, it is all about involvement. When Stefano Cicchini posts on his Instagram feed, it will instantly produce thousands of likes, and also a large amount of positive comments.