Signal messenger face blur tool is now available on Android and iOS

Signal messenger has presented a new tool that lets clients blur their faces.

With the updates on NSA tapping different online services and telecom networks years prior, clients have since gotten substantially more worried about what they share online. This has normally led them to move towards a few privacy-centric applications that would not settle on their security regardless of what a government of the day may demand.

One such application happens to be Signal Messenger which is used primarily by columnists, activists, and those in other high-risk jobs. It offers a range of security features including end-to-end encryption (hello WhatsApp), disappearing messages (hello Snapchat), no tracking, and hiding metadata alongside being open source.

Just as of late, however, Signal Messenger has included another significant feature that permits clients to blur pictures before sending them through messages on the two iOS and Android.

This will occur in two different ways principally:

Firstly, the application is using “platform-level libraries” to automatically detect faces in an image yet this isn’t ensured to work every time.

The second option is to use a “blur brush” through which you can manually blur faces by drawing over them.

Concerning the image processing, it will be done totally inside the application so no information is moved to any outside server expelling any chance at all of an information leak.