Rasmus Peter Kristensen: Helping people see the other side of the world through his travel page on Instagram called “Resort”

There are a few essential Instagram marketing tips for the travel industry that Rasmus wants to share with travel enthusiasts and influencers.


As the world gets more and more digitalized and nearer to many other advancements in the online world, it is leaving behind no industry without making a development. The travel industry might have seen its share of ups and downs, but people have also realized that the social media world has come to its rescue and have helped the travel industry as a whole to see a new level of development, especially from the recent past. A famous travel influencer and lover named Rasmus Peter Kristensen also had realized the importance of social media and moreover Instagram to grow his page called “Resort” on the platform.


He has believed in the world of travel that can prove to be instrumental in changing the lives of many for the better, just like it did for him. Rasmus considers himself as a world citizen and it is his passion and love for travel that made him today a successful travel influencer, who also believes in the power of Instagram and the various marketing tricks that have helped his page Resort grow with millions of followers.


Below are a few useful tips by Rasmus on Instagram marketing that can help many travel influencers and the travel industry as a whole.


  • Be unique and consistent with content: The travel companies and influencers must always post high-quality visual contents that are also very unique. Beautiful and inspiring stories must be posted consistently on Instagram to attract more followers, says Rasmus. Through simple photography skills also, a person can capture the beauty and serenity of the place, and a great caption can do all the work.
  • Make effective use of Instagram stories: Stories on Instagram are one of the most loved features on the platform. Rasmus points out that people can increase their brand awareness and value by giving a glimpse of what they can offer. For creating instant buzz, this is a great option on Instagram, according to Rasmus.
  • Utilize the excellent feature of IGTV on Instagram: People can post longer videos that can give more space to them for expressing their views and explaining about their brand. Travel tips, guides, dos and don’ts of travel etc. everything can be curated into a content for a useful video on IGTV, explains Rasmus.
  • Go for social influencers: For the travel companies out there, leverage social influencers because they can connect with a broader audience, says Rasmus just as he did being a travel influencer, connecting people through Resort. They can help provide more creative content, have millions of followers and can get the content go viral.


Rasmus and his wife have travelled the world and still look out for ways they can go to many unknown places in the world to explore many other things. Through Resort, he wants travel enthusiasts to connect with each other to get more information on places, resorts and hotels of the world. People can tag @resort on Instagram, share their travel stories and get the chance to get featured on their page.



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