Rajat Singla: A growing social media marketer giving fierce competition to others with his outstanding online marketing skills

With the changing trends in a growing world in almost every sector, how can the digital space remain behind? It goes without saying that change is the only constant. And, with changing dynamics of the digital marketing industry, many marketers are making full use of newer techniques that help them remain at the top of their game. Out of the many that are into this industry, one individual really stands out of all of them & that is Rajat Singla. With the constant churning of ideas in his mind & use of efficient techniques & online space, this young blood is a shining example in the social media marketing & online world.

Coming from Patiala, Punjab & having a knack of varied talents since he was in his teens, Rajat at only 15 years of age in 2005 launched his own website called VIP Punjab for which he worked right from scratch, with making its website to designing it Rajat handled everything. With his growing age & experience, he threw himself into the field of import & export & founded another company named “Wall Decor” where the PVC wall panels get imported from China to India to wholesale the products. With Rajat managing many businesses at hand simultaneously & that too at a very young age is something that is beyond commendable.

But, like any other young blood, Rajat too wanted to spread his wings in other fields as well & so he created “Shiraj Media”. With this company, he got into the digital marketing space & worked for the welfare of his clients to grow, increase & expand their online & virtual presence. His efforts have been towards increasing traction online by generating leads & followers for them & to improve their social media accounts by increasing their social media presence with a high engagement rate with their existing followers.

Today, his company not only caters to celebs & models but also to artists from the TV industry, makeup artists, astrologers, etc. Their PR work among many other digital techniques for their clients is another crucial factor in increasing the likes & followers of their clients on social media accounts. Other techniques like social media management & marketing, celebrity management, boosting brand awareness & presence, etc. help in growing Google ranks. The company also helps in bringing them, new clients.

To give a new face to his company & expand advancement opportunities for the same, Rajat is aiming to expand his company to Mumbai & increase their clients for working with the Mumbai industry also.

Well, there is nothing but the best we wish for Rajat for all his future endeavours & want him to keep the spirits high like he has always kept becoming successful in whatever he chooses to do.