Power Sportz Covid Tracker Shows Well Researched Data

Kanthi D Suresh
Power Sportz with a large audience across sporting communities and general public has been publishing a Covid tracker that has been making audiences aware about the pandemic.

The Covid tracker is being led by Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief, and if one has to go by her history, whatever program she personally handles, causes people to take notice.

One never knew that her writing skills are as powerful as her oratory abilities. The recent article Kanthi D Suresh published on the Power Sportz magazine site has thrown in data on Corona, that perhaps Government officials are trying to fathom.

The resemblance between seasonal flu and Covid-19 in India has suddenly got people thinking differently. The video in the article makes it even more compelling to think from a different perspective.

Now, it may not be surprising to see people with a new spirit, and wanting to get back to work.

Hope, Ms Kanthi D Suresh rethinks about launching her political news channel, Power News! India needs credible channels.