Ottawa’s Independent Film Director Alois Nashali Talks About The Impact Of Covid-19

Filmmaker Alois Nashali has spoken to us about the impact of Covid-19 after he was recently diagnosed with the virus earlier this year around March. Chatting with our editor’s desk earlier today through a phone interview, Filmmaker Alois Nashali told us he has previously been cleared to go back to work but decided to extend his leave for another few weeks.

The 22-year-old Ottawa’s film director expressed his concerns to the youth, especially of his age group, speaking on CBC Radio’s Morning show Alois explained how important young people should take every advice from the experts seriously.

 “I think what people should know, especially young people like me, they shouldn’t make assumptions that they are strong, healthy and young and, ‘I can’t get this infection.’ Because, for me, that was the last thing I was thinking about, for me to be a victim of the virus,” he said.

 Although he is now free from the virus, Alois also pointed out some concerns that he is worried there might be other millennials like him with a misconception that they cannot contract the virus.

“I just want them to know it could happen to anybody. Please take the precautions. Stay home and maybe we can reduce the spread,”

Even though Filmmaker Alois Nashali has been cleared to go to work but said he will likely take another two weeks unpaid leave to put his coworkers at ease.