OfficialReso, the founder of The Big Belly Squad, feels 2020 will be a year of significant changes in Digital Marketing

Today we depend on technology, whether it is an individual or business. If you want to grow globally, then you have to become techno-friendly and understand the importance of digital marketing. It’s time to make London a Digital London!

According to Digital Marketing expert Reso Ali (OfficialReso) founder of The Big Belly Squad, the trend is changing in London and desire for new things has advanced our technology to the next level.

Now you have to remain updated to grow in the digital world; you have to understand the latest trend and work accordingly to stay consistent and maintain a business at the top in this critical game of Digital Marketing.

We have seen a massive wave of Digital Marketing that governed 2019. Video content has been the new trend which has worked well for businesses and individuals. Now, what next can we expect in 2020?

Reso Ali is sure that worldwide Digital Advertising will increase up to 45% more, the CAGR to reach around 30000 crores by 2020. Business people and movies stars and all will spend more money on Digital Marketing, and that ratio of 20% will go to 35% by 2020. CAGR’s growth in the video by 45%, display by 40% and research by 35%.
According to The Big Belly Squad founder Reso Ali, the trends which we will see in 2020 are as follows:

  1. The business/Brand or Individual who estimates out on SERP SEO first will have an extra edge than their rivals.
  2. We will see customer-friendly voice – In short, Alexa is the future (Voice Search).
  3. Smartphone figures are estimated to touch 3.5 billion by the end of 2020, so companies and individuals who will come up with more relevant content will get more success.
  4. Small and Big Organizations will extend their spending on Chatbots.
  5. Technology will be more advanced in 2020 we will have mobile as a tool which can do many more things at a time.
  6. We will see lots of changes in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many in their marketing strategies. Reso Ali feels it will be more business-friendly.

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