Michele Zanello on “ How not to be hacked (or almost) on Instragram “

Michele ( @michelezanello_ ) is a social media strategist & brand creator with more than 5 years experience. In 2020 he was on the top 50  marketwatch media strategist ranking

He’s the founder of Midnight Milano (https://midnightmilano.com/)

a digital agency specialized on marketing strategy , brand creation and social security.

Do you have a password that you believe is solid? Aren’t you popular? Or do you have a profile that you use little and believe that nobody cares?

Big mistake.

Nobody is safe from hackers, certainly a profile with many followers could be more attractive for a social pirate, but a popular profile in most cases also means a greater level of security and attention, therefore a greater difficulty on hacking. So any profile can be stolen, yes even your kitten’s account with 80 followers, and with it all the cute photos you took together.

So today let’s find out 3 basic points that will guarantee (or almost) the security of your account or help you recover it.

  1. Two-factor authentication

This authentication is a free additional security for your account, all access to your profile from unauthorized devices will be blocked and made possible only by unlocking via a disposable code!

It is essential to activate it, also because it’s free and there are no contraindication or difficulty.

  1. Update password

Update your password every 15 days and above all check who uses your account, they must be only experts or trusted people!

Of course, you don’t even need to say not to enter your password in third-party bots, right?

  1. Never give passwords to third parties even if they prove to be magicians of profiles growth, no one who is truly reliable will ever work with your passwords, unless you have someone who manages a profile for you, but in that case it will be treated someone you know well and know who works for you.


Tip: Periodically check the active sessions of your account to find out maybe unauthorized sexs or in countries where you have not been! If suspicious sessions occur, close them immediately and then change your password. Instagram also offers an assistance service that with a few steps you can immediately try to recover the profile but it is not always so easy in fact I recommend you

always keep the number or contact of an expert who can guide you and help recover your account if it should be violated.

Ah … if strange e-mails arrive with names like “instagram assistance” “instagram office” etc that ask you for your password with some pathetic excuse obviously don’t even open them! Instagram or facebook will never ask you for money, contacts, or sensitive data! So open your eyes!

Michele Zanello

Founder: Midnight Milano