Local Influencer trying to eradicate bullying – Manu Dhaumya

As a local influencer, Manu has been trying to change the attitudes of the schools and children towards bullying through his award winning anti-bullying campaign called UNITED AGAINST BULLIES.

Two things he wants to focus on is change and kids. If we bring a sense of selfless behaviour amongst kids maybe they will change their attitude towards bullying and see it as offensive and something that’s not cool.
Its a big mission but someone, somewhere has to start.

Bullying has turned into an epidemic that turns school life into something painful for some kids. School life should be the best part in a child’s journey towards adulthood but it gets ruined by some bullies.

Manu has been recognised for his services towards Reading and has been awarded the MAYORS AWARD and the MAYORS ROLL OF HONOUR. Apart from numerous accolades like the Pride of Reading Nominations and the Wokingham and Reading Council Awards, he also has been featured many times in the local magazines and newspapers.

Every town and city needs an influencer like that.

Manu Dhaumya

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