Joseline fights with fans and takes off her dress in a video at a disco as something was related to Stevie J

Though there is not a lot of news about Joseline Hernandez recently. This does not mean that she is living a boring life. It has been recently reported that the diva was stripped and attacked to be nearly naked. No doubt she has been in news always, and it’s been a while she is not in the scene. She has been struggling in her personal life and people wanted to know what is she doing. Before that this mysterious fight between the star and the fans appeared.

For now, what actually happened is still a mystery. Rumors are that Jasolione was in the night club with her team members. She was filming scenes for her new reality show. She was suddenly shattered by one or a couple of women. The fight lasted until security forces members came in to give help and by the end of all; Joseline found herself without her attire and in her thong lingerie only. This was indeed big news and people are willing to know more about the incident. We have tried to dig the incident however it remains a mystery. What we got to know is as follows.

According to one of the women who was involved in the fight said, “the fight took place when a party girl asked her why she had gotten rid of the baby she had with Stevie J, the star of reality TV has dismissed the fan and this action made him jump. Joseline, because this woman apparently belongs to “all types of balaclavas in New York

The witness allegedly defended her friend saying that “it was not cool to sweep people in a nightclub and that Joseline was lying when, after the fight, she told people that she had been touched with a bottle.

Another source shared the gossip and said, “My friend asked Joseline,” Why would you get rid of the baby she and Stevie J had made? “She then chased my friend away (the girl was of all types, New York), so my friend hit her, I mean, you can not just sweep the people in the club and think it’s cool.

She also added that, “Now she tells people that my friend hit her with a bottle, that’s not true.

At this point in time, Joseline has not responded to deny or confirm the rumor was true or not. However, fans will come to know the details about the fight if that specific fight would be a part of the new series since the attack might have been recorded by the cameras.

All this happened days after the revelation of the fact that she has finally got the custody of her daughter Bonnie Bella. However, she remains to be a wild card and it cannot be denied.

So will you be watching the Joseline’s new show or not?

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