Intezaar: The wait for Hope

In this time of crisis, everyone is trying to stay positive and calm. Staying in home, in a room, being quarantined is something that can get to the best and the strongest of us, too. In this situation, the young emerging talent, Khawar Malik, a music artist from Rawalpindi, Pakistan put out a surprise music video on 18th April, 2020.

The music video starts with a text that tells the audience about sentiments of Khawar about the lockdown and how it is affecting him. Video contains random clips from his gallery as well as from his fans, as he collected a lot of public video submissions to use in the music video.

What’s more interesting about the video is the people appearing and lip syncing to the hook/chorus of the song. We can see many familiar and famous faces from Youtube and Instagram in the music video which gives an overall positive and uplifting vibe.

Khawar Malik has been shocking people since he released the amazing hip-hop track “Pindi Aye”. From that point onwards, he has release 4 new tracks and a debut album. Every time he puts out new music it’s very difficult to figure out what kind of music it is going to be from the title or the thumbnail.

Some facts about Khawar might surprise you. The artist was born on 4th of June, 1997. Yes ! He is a Gemini. His primary genre is Pop but he does hip-hop and pop fusion. Another interesting fact that might surprise you a little and honestly, was surprising for me too. Khawar Malik is an actual medical graduate and a medical doctor by profession.