How Barion McQueen is helping business owners understand their employees

In today’s fast world, every business owner will tell you that it’s quite a challenge to connect with your employees. It is vital, of course, to have happy workers because that can raise your whole business and represent immense success. Likewise, if your employees are unhappy, it can really drive your business into the bust.

Barion McQueen, experienced business consultant and CEO at The Brand Castle frequently deals with this problem, both with his client companies, as well as in his own enterprise.

Fully aware of how important employee satisfaction is for a business, Barion has come up with quite a few suggestions for helping struggling employers maintain a cordial relationship with their employees, one that will benefit both parties.

One thing Barion insists on is human connection. Reminding your employees that you are more than just people working in the same building, but an actual family, of sorts.

“A lot of people spend more time with co-workers then they actually spend with their own families,” Barion explains. This is why he recommends organizing some form of leisurely activities for your employees to relax and get to know one another better.

It’s all very nice to organize team-building events a couple times a year, but a thriving business will make sure they happen at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, Barion says, just a barbecue or a picnic, for people to connect over a beer or two.

Another important aspect in keeping employees happy is training courses, says Barion. It’s true that we live in a very fast-paced world. People don’t have the time to learn a job, they’re just thrust into it, and while they may do it quite well, a lingering feeling of inadequacy lingers and really damages employees’ morale. Barion suggests doing an initial training course, even though it’s time-consuming, and periodically refreshing the info, to make sure your employees are confident about what they’re doing.

One of the main focuses for Barion McQueen is monetary incentives. Sure, money tends to be something of a taboo subject, even in business circles, but he advises that you offer your employees some kind of bonuses, once a month, if not, once every two months. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, because it’s the thought that counts.

A very innovative idea that Barion has come up with is periodically meeting with an employee to discuss their financial situation. He explains that a lot of people are too embarrassed or afraid to ask for a raise and this can really affect the quality of their work. By meeting with them once every six months, for example, you give them an incentive to work well, not to mention you’re treating them fairly.

Lastly, he suggests paying attention to how your employees interact with their supervisors and managers. It’s no use if they love your company, but hate the supervisor, so you want to make sure everyone is happy.

These are just some of the aspects Barion McQueen helps businesses understand and improve on in his job as business consultant.