Honest Review About SnewJ

Okay, so I went on Instagram today and was on the explore page right? Nothing out of the ordinary, just scrolling, and then BOOM!

I come across this post, of a man flexing his firm body and smile. Initially, I was like “who is this?” But then I remembered a video back in 2017 about this guy pranking his girlfriend, and that’s when it kicked in “this is SnewJ.”

I immediately whispered under my breath. I knew this guy and wasn’t even following him. So I immediately gave him and a follow and checked out his YouTube link in his bio…wow. over 1 mil subs?

I thought I read the number wrong at first but no. It was over a million! I remember when he only had 90,000 subscribers and was trying his hardest to push it past 100,000.

“It’s like watching him grow up digitally,” said a friend close to SnewJ on Instagram.

“He’s worked so hard for what he has and I can’t think of somebody more dedicated than him, I’m truly blessed and proud to even know him.”

Check out SnewJ on Instagram below.