Hate your job? You can now learn from PhDs on how to become an influencer

Instagram is now one of the most popular marketing tools for brands and individuals to
connect with their audiences. Since the rise of social media, the influencer industry has
grown rapidly to become an industry worth $8 billion worldwide. This impressive figure is
also set to climb. Market analysts predict that the influencer marketing industry will increase
to $15 billion by 2022.

Most brands and marketers have at some point worked with an influencer or have plans to.
Some brands with a larger budget choose to hire celebrities who are able to charge up to $1
million for a single Instagram post. However, it is more frequent and more common for
brands to hire smaller scale influencers who have a more authentic fanbase at a more
affordable price. Nano Influencers (Up to 10,000 followers) can earn up to $30,000 and
$60,000 a year. Micro-Influencers (10,000 – 50,000 followers) can earn anywhere up to
$100,000 a year. Influencers with over 50,000 followers can earn much more. This could
potentially be you and this is where the Influencer Academy comes into play.

The Influencer Academy (www.theinfluenceracademy.com) is a 3-course certified online
program developed by PhDs. In this course, students can learn how to build a powerful
brand, exponentially grow their online audience and start earning real money through being
an Influencer. In their program, students are required to complete 45 hours of coursework in
the program. The 1-month full-time course was carefully created by Ph.D.’s who have created
courses for Universities including Oxford & Columbia. On top of the robust 45 hours of
coursework in the program, students get access to over 60 exclusive videos from over 20 of
the world’s top-earning influencers to give advice and tips on how to grow their social media
following. Once completing the course, students will be able to take their knowledge from the
highest-earning influencers in the world, grow their social media platform, know how to sign
their first brand deal and be invited into a community of graduates.

The Influencer Academy is launching in March 2020. Check out
www.theinfluenceracademy.com to be the first to know of the grand release!