Digital Marketing Agency, Double X Media is Innovating the Marketing Landscape

In a marketing landscape that’s completely over saturated with thousands of boutiques and agencies promising maximum returns for your marketing dollars, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know who to trust. Whereas a bad marketing campaign can leave you burning hard earned cash, a well targeted and strategically implemented campaign can see your business soar to new heights. One marketing agency that consistently outperforms expectation and over delivers for their clients is Double X Media, run by Jonathan Rivera and Xerxes Frechiani. “It’s a funny story,” recalls Rivera. “I was working one day and doing market research for a brand I was building out and stumbled upon his Instagram page. I’ve never seen a page at that level and knew I had to contact him to see who he’s all about.”

After finding time in between their busy schedules to speak for a while, Rivera began to take over Frechiani’s Instagram marketing efforts and grew his following from two hundred thousand to over five hundred thousand in a very short time, allowing for bigger brand deals and bigger clients. The benefits of a potential collaboration between the two monumental talents became difficult to ignore. Combining Rivera’s marketing brain which understands what it takes to grow a company from ten thousand monthly profits to over a hundred thousand and Frechiani incredible connections and next level business mindset, the two gave rise to the premier digital marketing agency, Double X Media.

The team credits certain principles for their consistent success with clients ranging from fortune 500 companies to local businesses. The first principle is to be different and innovate. “We bring a different view to the industry from our backgrounds in the entertainment industry which allows us to implement new tactics from the typical marketing efforts,” says Rivera. “This allows us to leverage our network and creative marketing strategies to build, launch, and accelerate growth for our clients.”

Another principle is never be complacent and never stop learning. Rivera recalls that when Instagram first came out, most of their competitors in the digital marketing space discarded it as just a platform for pictures. However, Rivera and Frechiani saw the potential it had to evolve into the engagement powerhouse it is today. When Instagram Ads were introduced, Rivera immediately jumped on it. At a few cents a click, it was essentially free traffic. “Be ahead of the game by testing new platforms and features before the masses,” Says Rivera. “A lot of people get too comfortable with what’s working now and don’t pay attention to upcoming strategies or platforms.”