Condensed Milk: This 3-step recipe will help

Its creamy surface and sweet taste makes consolidated milk practically difficult to stand up to. Furthermore, it is utilized in numerous Indian kitchens to make a yummy cup of iced coffee, chocolate truffles, choco mousse, ice-cream, kheer thus significantly more.

So we can see how you feel on the off chance that you have come up short on dense milk at home. In any case, stress not, rather than racing to the market to get a few, take a stab at making it at home with this simple recipe. Best of all, whenever put away in the fridge, it can keep going for in any event a month. So look at this three-step recipe below.


1 – Glass of milk

1/2 cup – Sugar

A pinch of baking soda

Steps –

  • Place a thick bottomed pan on medium warmth and set out a glass of milk it in. When it fires warming up, include 1/2 cup sugar and mix until it has broken up.
  • Next, include a touch of baking soda and continue mixing until it turns out to be somewhat thick and is just about one-third in amount. A cautious look and you will see it has a slight yellow tinge to it. Move to a glass bowl and permit it to cool off for 10 minutes.
  • Ensure you store it in the refrigerator. Likewise, in the event that you can’t utilize the condensed milk in 3 weeks, we exceptionally recommend you move it to the freezer.