Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: Learn The Skills From This Creative Culinary King To Become A Celebrity Chef

To increase their demand as a chef in the industry, Chef Faisal points out certain skills that can turn them into a success story.

Lucky are those who are born with specific skills, but talented are those who know what they can do with those skills in hand. Chef Faisal has been a person who knew what he was made for & at the right time took the decision to follow what his heart desired. At the peak of his career as a banker where he was paid a high-income salary & earned many certificates, he dived into the food business to become a chef. Later his outstanding skills & knowledge made him a food entrepreneur as well.

Chef Faisal says that when he started his journey, he had no idea what life could offer him, but he kept going, faced a lot of challenges in making a career right from scratch, and never gave up. This determination & perseverance brought him where he is today as he has also become a member of the World Master Chefs Society & owns his company named Chef Faisal Consultancy that helps several establishments in KSA & Bahrain in growing their businesses & also trains chefs.

For taking the formal training to become a culinary expert, Chef Faisal learnt the art from famous cooking schools from England & Italy. It is his passion for food & his work that he successfully also provides guidance to many budding chefs & food entrepreneurs. So far, he has provided more than 100 consultancies for diverse establishments in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

There are a number of skills that Chef Faisal believes one must have for becoming a celebrated chef.

  • Have a business sense: Chef Faisal says that great chefs must have knowledge about the business & how to run it. Providing yummy food by being cost-effective is what one must keep in mind.
  • Great culinary expertise: An expertise in cooking includes a lot many things like baking, cooking, grilling, food preparation, consistency, presentation, etc. & a lot of other things as well, says Chef Faisal. One must always aim to learn as many cooking techniques as possible to become more efficient.
  • Quick decision making: A kitchen that almost runs full-day requires a chef that is fast in making decisions, but also efficiently, suggests Chef Faisal. Problem-solving is what a great chef must know.
  • Be a team player: It is only when you become a good team player that you can become a successful one, points out Chef Faisal. A great chef is the one who knows how to work in a team that consists of not only chefs but also other staff & management.

Chef Faisal passes on his knowledge & shares his passion by counselling & guiding food enthusiasts in their journey of creating, owning, operating & growing successful restaurants.

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