Bugsnax : The new game from Octodad maker and it includes cuddly, living food

It’s all playing around until your arm transforms into a hotdog

The makers of Octodad have declared their development, Bugsnax. It’s difficult to state how the game will play, yet the visuals resemble a mix of Muppet films and Rare games.

The trailer opens with a strawberry waking up, growing eyes and legs. Before long, a human cheeseburger skitters past. A hairy animal brandishing a globe-trotter’s cap chomps on the living food, its members transforming into leafy foods fries. This senseless (and somewhat horrible) activity is set to a shimmering pop tune.

Bugsnax is booked for discharge in “holiday 2020.” And in the event that you’ve never played Octodad, well, what are you hanging tight for?