Brave vs Chrome Which One Is Better

You all must have heard about the miracles of brave browser which is taking over the browser kingdom at full pace but still must be unsure whether to switch to brave from chrome or not. Our article will give you an unbiased comparison between the two browsers to give you the clarity that will help in your decision making.

The brave app has come out in the public as the internet fixture. Brave browser eliminates the need for the ad-blocking extension as all the necessary configurations and extensions come with its installation. This feature of brave has already resulted in great turn over for it. In addition to this, a brave browser doesn’t have any support for third party add-ons. This drawback is one of the major setbacks for brave as in chrome, you can easily add the extensions of the plugins you need for some specific feature. In addition to this, Google chrome also runs one step forward than the brave browser for windows as it has better functionality for the security of browsers. Chrome does not let you download any malicious software or document by running its tight security checks.

In contrary to this, chrome is accused of transferring (or selling) the user’s private browsing data to the big firms. Moreover, chrome is much more vulnerable to the scammers that build browsing data-stealing extensions and hoodwink the users to install and add those extensions. In this regard, brave is one step ahead of Google.

Brave also clearly wins the ongoing contest in the privacy part as all the surfing in the brave browser relies on the HTTPS which not only secures unencrypted websites but also enhances the privacy features of the browser. Brave also has a better take on chrome’s incognito mode by introducing the private tabs concept. Any unsecured connection will be easily detected by these private tabs due to its Tor functionality. Basic Attention tokens (BAT) also ensures the private support of the user’s favorite websites.

Brave is also cryptocurrency-friendly as it already maintains the user wallet system for its unique basic attention tokens (BAT) characteristic. You can easily store your bitcoins, Ethereum in the wallet and can use them to support your favorite browser. Brave has made the online transactions a child play. On the other hand, the only way to facilitate from the cryptocurrencies on google is by using extensions but the sad part is google has announced to ban all the crypto mining add-ons. Although Google is going to do this for the sake of privacy and security it will cause a major loss in the audience.

Last but not the least, the brave browser is much faster than google. There is no need of waiting for that “lazy load” of your favorite web pages on the brave browser. This leaves us with clear results that the pros of a brave browser outweigh the cons that have nothing to do with the brave’s “security”. But still, the decision of switching from chrome to brave browser is up to you because maybe privacy, speed, and cryptocurrencies is not your priority. You can download brave browser for windows 10 to give a try because we already familiar with Google chrome